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Thursday, November 17, 2005

New narrative - storyboard

Steamy pie in window

Glynn is making an origami cup, in which we see him pour a beverage. He has laid out a table mat and knife n fork on his desk ready to eat his lunch … a steamy hot pie, which is cooling in his window. As Glynn finishes preparing his desk for his much anticipated meal, he turns around to find that the pigeon is stood in the pie eating from the centre. The pigeon can’t see Glynn as it is frantically gobbling the centre of the pie away, so Glynn sneaks (tiptoes) over to grab the pigeon. Just as he is about to reach for the pigeon he steps on a creaky floorboard which startles the pigeon causing it to raise its head and become aware of the impending danger. Glynn lunges to close the window but the pigeon whips out through the rapidly closing gap.

Motive of pigeon- Scavenging for food

Motive of Glynn- Make origami, eat lunch + get rid of pigeon by closing window.

Other changes include : Thin Glynn jumping directly into a pigeons nest after escaping the shredder building.
Thin Glynn escapes scene after cutting down the piano, he leans against the wall and wipes the sweat off his brow - and is immediatly plucked from the pavement by a street cleaner's rubbish grabber.


Anonymous jo said...

Like the beginning!! Altho, does he like pies more than he likes origami? maybe a bit too much pie love going on there. Also the ending, any reason why u changed from him jumping victorious onto the piano and then getting litter picked, to him hiding? I liked the first ending better.
Still, very cool... he reminds he of someone... hmmmmm!

2:39 pm  

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