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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thin Glynn UNFOLDED!

Opened origami form of Thin Glynn - Flat paper

Darkened version of above image to show folds of paper clearly.

I couldnt wait to open up Thin Glynn this time (unlike before) ! This accidental composition of his form scattered across the flat paper was really exciting to discover, I just hoped that the sketched design wouldnt end up on the back of the sheet! Fortunatly, every section of his torso apart from his finger tips stayed on the front of the paper. The composition was so much better than I had expected, it isnt broken so much that it loses all reference to the original design; but instead achieves an aesthetic level of symmetry due to the way that it was folded. The coloured or faxed damaged version of the image once p'shopped will be much clearer, and will present an intresting visual link to his preceeding 2d form.


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