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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Development of Thin Glynn model

The black part of the model is the cinefoil, which gives the model strength. The final model will be entirely covered in white paper.

Today I made progress with the development of the Thin Glynn model, by successfully backing an a4 sheet of paper with cinefoil. The cinefoil will strengthen the paper so that the paper stays bent when animating. This is my first encounter with the material, and it is a strange experience. The cinefoil will bend like paper, but once it is bent you cannot remove the crease! So much precaution will have to be taken (and was taken, after Tim Allen warned me about this problem) when making the models. The biggest problem I had today was finding a suitable adhesive, which did not set rock solid - which would make the model unbendable. The adhesive also had to be thick wnough to not soak in to the plain paper - causing it to appear see through. PVA, copydex, spray mount and Uhu were tried, but all failed. My eventual choice of adhesive is Araldite, very strong.. bendable if applied thinly and does not soak into the paper! Attached are photos of this new model which I have folded in the thin Glynn origami form. I will post photos of the creation process soon.


Anonymous Jo Johnson said...

Cinefoil eh? What a wonderful idea! ;-)

4:47 pm  
Blogger Lukasarts said...

Thank you to Jo Johnson for her PRICELESS help finding Cinefoil... and letting me know about it!

9:30 am  

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