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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Todays stat. update

Been grinding through the new storyboard today which will be used for the animatic too. Sorted out some niggling problems with the start of the story, to do with the affect of the pigeon's startling squawk. Ill post some frames tommorow. Human Glynn will now have about 10-15 secs more screen-time .. woo! My brother 'Guy' has also brought up the possibility of the bird character being switched from 'pigeon' to 'raven/crow' to better emphasise the good vs. bad relationship. The black of the raven/crow, better contrasting the white of Thin Glynn's paper torso. Think Luke Skywalker (white) and Darth Vader (black). Although the pigeon fits in with the Uk urban setting, the black of the raven/crow (e.g against the light blue sky when we first see him) is such a strong idea which will imprint character on Glynn's nemesis. Guy's idea has caused a difficult decision in my mind. If you dont mind (and if its possible for you) please vote on which path you prefer!?!


Blogger dan said...

raven baby! all the way home.

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