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Sunday, November 13, 2005

39 frames of Thin Glynn

Frames 1 - 10 (above)

Frames 11-20 (above)

Frames 21-30 (above)

Frames 31-39 (above)

Hey'all, heres the latest progress with my film production for Thin Glynn. Attached to this post are the first 39 frames.. (need some close-up shots ere 'n' there). If you see any deadly errors with the camera direction please put your hand up and let me know about it. Storyboard production is still on-going, I hope to finish with about 100 frames. The rest of the storyboard will come together pretty fast because I have already drawn them a little while ago. The pigeon/raven debate is still on-going with a 50:50 feedback ratio from people. I do like the pigeon and they have nice distinctive colour and form. Once the second half of the film is storyboarded we should be able to get a better feel for which character we naturally side with. By the way... the Big Ben model is made from origami (will be more obvious in finished film) and Glynn is putting the last piece on to complete his sculpture! I can't stress enough how welcome comments are on this blog (at this stage especially) so fire away if you get the urge!



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