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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

3 of the most scary hours!

I have spent this morning attempting to recreate 'Thin Glynn' (the origami version!). After a frustrating 30 minutes, 1 on1 with the sheet of blank paper I was no further than I'd began - just with a heavily creased web of folds. Coffee turned ice cold as I pondered the neccesity of a surgical dissection of the original 'Thin Glynn'... Will I be able to read anything from his exposed carcass of folds?... Can I put it back together again!? So, so, so much regret for not documenting its creation at the time! I eventually took the plunge and tentatively opened up the frightening array of interlocking folds. An hour later and I had successfully cloned the original with less folds and a thicker belt; to better coincide with the design of (2d) Glynn.


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