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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hopefully the final model design of (human) Glynn. Had some issues with the hair colour, basically due to the gaming settings I had adjusted my pc monitor for ... oops. This is my postcard design ~ I wanted to involve all the aspects of the film into one image. Apart from the paper airplane and the throwing star, I have managed to do this. I will include the throwing star into the title design like the header on my blog.
Pleased with the shoes, and the white socks (as requested by all). Unfortunatly the pen and shirt pocket has been lost just because of the lack of space on the upper torso.
I will eventually painter or pshop this image so it follows the shading that the pencil sketch displays. I wanted to achieve the Superman 'bulge' in the trousers, as that is what the stance is based upon.


Blogger Matt & Nick said...

shadow may need to be bigger. think i only noticed it because i know the story. its very nice.

1:26 am  

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